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As an exclusive provider of dermaviduals® in the United States, we offer a wide variety of products across many categories of skin care.  Choose a product category below to view all the products within that category.

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Cleansers & Toners

dermaviduals® Cleansers gently remove dirt and makeup without drying the skin or disrupting the skin's lipid barrier, while the Toners prepare the skin for additional treatment.


Our foundation and powders act as cosmetics and skin care in one.  The mineral pigments can be custom blended to match any skin tone, without any ingredients that sensitize or disturb the skin.


Highly concentrated plant extracts that can be used separately (like an ampoule) or blended into any of the DMS® Base Creams or Base Gel.

Fluid Nanoparticles

These fluid nanodispersions have a monolayer membrane of pure phosphatidylcholine and facilitate the penetration of lipophilic active ingredients and supply the skin with linoleic acid, which is essential for repairing the skin’s barrier function. Fluid nanoparticles fuse with the skin’s lipid barrier and deposit their active ingredients into the epidermis.


Liposomes have a bi-layer membrane made of pure phosphatidylcholine to facilitate the penetration of low-molecular, hydrophilic components and supply the skin with linoleic acid, which is essential for repairing the skin’s barrier function.


Creamy, vitamin-packed masks rich in DMS® that provide intense hydration, with effects still noticeable 72 hours after use.  These masks can also be used as night creams.


These moisturizers can be used as as they come to restore the skin's lipid barrier, and provide intense hydration and moisture.  They can also be used as a base for any of our active ingredients to create custom-blended skin care.


Monosubstances are aqueous solutions of single ingredient concentrates which can be used separately as a serum or blended in a DMS® Base Cream.


Targets skin care for specific skin disorders and conditions.

Vegetable Skin Care Oils

Pure skin-friendly oils can be used for a luxurious facial massage or blended into a DMS® Base Cream.

Hand & Body

DMS® rich creams and cleansers for the hands and body.

For Professional Use Only


The following products are for professional use only in a medical office or spa setting.  Please click on an item below to view the details for that item.

Algae Based Mask

Base Modelage

Terra Sana Mask

Pill Mask

Enzyme Peeling Mask

Massage Oil

Massage Cream