Phytohormone Liposomes

Phytohormone Liposomes



This aqueous solution of Red Clover Extract balances estrogen deficiencies in the skin, making this liposome serum ideal for the care and prevention of hormone-related skin conditions.  Red Clover stimulates collagen synthesis and cell formation, slows down collagen degradation, inhibits melanin formation and hair growth, and regulates increased sebum production caused by high testosterone levels.  The green tint of this serum helps neutralize red tones in the skin.

Add to DMS® base creams or base gel for anti-aging formulations after menopause, anti-cellulite treatments, or for homone-related skin conditions. The serum can be used as a local skin treatment by applying the pure concentrate.


Aqua • Alcohol • Lecithin • Pentylene Glycol • Glycerin • Sodium Lactate • Trifolium Pratense (Red Clover) Extract • Sorbitol • Xanthan Gum

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