Extended Corneotherapy – What’s Kiwi Have To Do With It?

Restoring the lipid barrier is only the first step in the larger dermaviduals® strategy for comprehensive, holistic skin care. An intact, functioning lipid barrier protects against dehydration, irritants, free radicals, radiation, and germs and allergens. But what about skin conditions like acne and rosacea, and future problems? Corneotherapy combined with pure active ingredients designed to go beyond the lipid barrier to target specific skin conditions and combat signs of premature aging is the next step the dermaviduals® skin care model. More specifically, preserving the skin’s natural moisturizing factor, protecting against sun radiation, supporting the regenerative processes, and restoring the essential fatty acid balance of the skin are critical steps in the Extended Corneotherapy approach to long term skincare.

Here’s where the kiwi comes in. Kiwiseed Oil in a nanodispersion serum is an ideal addition to the skincare products or regimen of a client with reddened, irritated skin.  It has the highest concentration of essential omega-3 fatty acids of any of the skincare oils, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. When an active ingredient like Kiwiseed Oil is added to a DMS® Base Cream, both the irritated skin condition and the lipid barrier are addressed and the skin is treated as a whole structure. Extended Corneotherapy requires accurate skin diagnosis and products that provide protection, support regeneration, and can be customized to individual client needs with potent active agents like Kiwiseed Oil – all while maintaining a strong, healthy lipid barrier.

By combining pure active ingredients with restorative DMS® creams, a total skincare solution can be achieved.

Brett Turner