Oleogels: The Gel of the Future

Winter is coming, and it’s bringing dry, cracked, and dehydrated skin with it – particularly those with neurodermitic skin conditions or barrier disorders.  Oleogels, also known as lipogels, have a creamy yet gel-like consistency without the addition of water.  The lack of water in oleogels means that no emulsifiers are needed to stabilize the formulation, and thus there is no barrier destroying wash-out effect. And there is no need for irritating preservatives.

Oleogels are the ideal medium to deliver lipids to the skin, particularly oils high in essential fatty acids for those skin types with an omega deficit. They have a sponge-like structure that can hold high amounts of lipids and effectively deliver it to the skin. The presence of oils in the oleogels reduces Trans-epidermal Water Loss, conditions the skin, and makes them ideal for hand care or cold weather skin care. 

The results found with a water-free gel are these: lipid-rich, comforting skin care for the driest skin types, preventative and continuing care for skin with omega deficits, and supportive care for diabetic skin, perianal skin disorders, and decubitus.

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Abby Chandler