A Conversation About the Dreaded "C" Word With the Founder of Oncology Spa Solutions

Alarming statistics reveal that one in three women and one in two men will have cancer in their lifetime. Cancer patients face new and different skin conditions as a result. As the largest organ of our bodies, skin becomes severely affected by the chemotherapy, medications, and radiation therapy that is a part of treatment.

Becky Kuehn, licensed Master Esthetician and Cosmetologist since 1982, had her own personal experience with cancer at the tender age of 18. We decided to sit down with Becky and ask her a few questions about her moving journey with this disease that led to her founding Oncology Spa Solutions. Today, she stands as the leading US educator for oncology esthetics training. As a dedicated pioneer in the field of teaching oncology safe practices to estheticians, spa, and salon professionals, she has valuable knowledge to share:

PE: What was your inspiration to start an oncology spa?

BK: My passion for working with oncology clients started way back in 1978 when I was diagnosed with cancer. I realized at the time there was no help for the skin and hair issues that I experienced. Even later, in 2008, when I started working with the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good Feel Good” program, found no real help existed. I knew then that I needed to fill the gap so I went to work to create a program at my local hospital. This program grew into two locations. I then answered the call of fellow “Estys” who asked if I would help them do the same. (For more information about my programs please visit: www.oncologyspasolutions.com)

PE: What are the basic dermaviduals® products used for your cancer patients skin care?

BK: I love the dermaviduals® products. They are safe, effective, and free from harmful ingredients. I have had them at both of my locations for a while and have seen fabulous results. A complete product line, dermaviduals® can be used on even the most compromised skin.

PE: How has dermaviduals® helped reduce the skin related side effects and challenges your client’s face?

BK: Dermaviduals® products balance out the skin and protect the barrier so it can function and heal as it should. I’ve seen it calm red irritated skin and hydrate the driest skin back to comfort.

PE: How does the natural ingredients and purity of dermaviduals® products help ease your clients’ minds and emotions?

BK: Most client’s these days are looking for a skincare line that will given them the results they are looking for without damage from potentially harmful ingredients.

PE: How do you determine the proper skin care products to individually care for your clients who are in treatment?

BK: Every client, whether he or she is an oncology patient or not, is unique! Each one has her or his own set of needs and desired outcomes. What I love most about dermaviduals® is that you can customize their products and protocols to meet each person’s needs.

PE: What are your favorite dermaviduals® products for your oncology clients?

BK: My favorites are: Milky Cleanser with DMS, Face Tonic, Vitamin Mask, High Classic Plus, Eye Cream, and the custom make-up.

PE: How does your oncology training aid the customization of your treatments so you can offer safe and effective treatments?

BK: Oncology-trained estheticians learn how to ask the proper questions and how to modify care according to the answers received so they can work with any client that comes into the treatment room.

PE: Please share your most memorable dermaviduals® success story.

BK: I have many, but they all have the same theme: dry, dehydrated skin that never found relief until dermaviduals® is tried. My clients get their skin and their lives back!

PE: In closing, what else comes to mind that you would like to share?

BK: Great company that supports the professional with education and great products.

Thank you very much Becky Kuehn! We are so proud of your accomplishments in the oncology esthetics field!



Susan Schulz