A Fresh Look at Care For Babies' Skin

In our modern times, babies are born into sterile environments. Even though hygiene is a major achievement, it would be wise to step back and take a fresh look at some of the things we are convinced are necessary for baby care. Think about bathing, for example. Even though it goes against what we have been taught—less is more! Babies do not need daily baths with liquid soaps and shampoos. Why is this true? The epidermis of children up to three years old differs from mature skin in four main ways:

·      It is thin

·      It shows minimal sweat and sebum production

·      It has increased TEWL

·      It is sensitive

This can lead to the erroneous conclusion that a baby’s skin should be protected with skin care products. First, it’s absolutely necessary that the child’s immune system develop naturally, which means the effects of external stimuli should not be impeded. Second, harmful ingredients like emulsifiers, perfumes, and preservatives have a strong impact, as the skin surface is comparatively small. Because of this, skin care products should only be used if deficits have been diagnosed. And if there is a problem with your baby’s skin or the baby of one of your clients, it is good to know dermaviduals products are free of all preservatives, emulsifiers, perfumes, silicones, PEGs, and mineral oils making them safe for all skin.

The increasing prevalence of barrier disorders such as neurodermatitis and allergic reactions substantiates the fact that over-protected skin is not as resistant as skin exposed to real world dirt and irritating substances. Lukewarm water serves its purpose and will eliminate a lot less of babies’ natural protective substances their little bodies need. The best creams in the world cannot substitute for a baby’s loss after exposure to tensides.

Lukewarm water, however, will not be sufficient for the anal region. The cleansing power of vegetable oils like avocado oil can be used in this area. Avocado oil with its phytosterols, essential fatty acids, vitamins will not only clean sensitive areas, but also provide additional skin care features. This approach will in most instances cause diaper rash to disappear. After cleansing it is recommended to wait a few minutes before dressing so the surplus moisture can dry. Small children enjoy this time free of clothes a lot!

To protect their young skin from sun, adequate clothing and shade are the best. The scattered radiation that reaches the skin is not harmful, it even helps the body deal with environmental influences. If direct radiation cannot be avoided, however, use Day Cream Plus (SPF30). In case a reddening of the skin occurs despite all precautions, it is recommended to use DMS Base Cream-High Classic Plus (customizable size-44ml) and add 2 ml Kiwi seed oil nanoparticles as well as 3 ml D-panthenol.

If occasionally creams are needed, for example in winter, to protect from dehydration or hypothermia, the following criteria should be met. Any cream used should always be:

·      Free of preservatives

·      Free of emulsifiers

·      Free of essential oils (like tea tree oil)

·      Free of perfumes

·      Free of PEGs

Non-aqueous creams like Oleogel K are beneficial in the care of babies and children as they can be formulated without preservatives and consistency regulators. Very economical, Oleogel K provides the sensitive skin of babies and kids effectively with lipids. The essential fatty acids and bisabolol support the prevention of inflammatory skin reactions. A low dosage of urea also inhibits itching without irritating. Only a small amount is required for applications. And when combined with fatty oils (like avocado) Oleogel K can be used for massage purposes.

In conclusion, less is more and it is always best to keep it simple and pure for baby’s skin. With dermaviduals High Classic Plus base cream, Day Cream Plus, oils, nanoparticles, and Oleogel K, you and your clients can do just that! To order the products to care for your little one’s delicate skin, please call us today at: 800-355-4485 or email us at: office2@progressive-esthetics.com.

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Susan Schulz