Mother Nature's Skincare

Phospholipids are crucial to living organisms and play an essential role for both health and nutrition due to their great variety of functions. They also prove to be perfect base substances for products that heal and care for the skin. What are the features of phospholipids—mother nature’s skincare? Basically, they have multifunctional properties, are physiological, produced naturally in the body, biodegradable, and free of adverse effects. In spite of their high molecular mass, they are readily absorbed by the skin. Their history dates back to the beginnings of life on our planet.

Phospholipids’ most frequently found representative is phosphatidylcholine (PC) and is extracted from soy lecithin in a rather expensive manufacturing process (during said process, all hormones and proteins are eliminated). When PC is mixed with water it spontaneously generates cell-like structures whose membranes mimic natural cell structures. These hollow bodies are called liposomes and can only be seen with the help of an electron microscope. Liposomes make it possible to encapsulate active agents and distribute them well into the horny layer of the skin. There are two kinds of phosphatidylcholine: unsaturated (PC), and saturated (PC-H). In the dermaviduals skin care line, PC is the vital part of our:

·      Liposomes (PC)

·      Nanoparticles (PC)

·      DMS (PC-H)

·      Oleogels (PC, PC-H)

Dr. Hans Lautenschlaeger, dermaviduals creator and global director said, “Since 1998 I have owned and managed my own company, KOKO dermaviduals. My primary focus is now based almost entirely on phospholipids—especially on biodegradable nanoparticles among others.” Nanoparticles are free from damaging emulsifiers and are the most effective transport vehicles for fat-soluble vitamins, and just like liposomes, they have the advantage of preserving the natural membrane structure of the skin barrier. While the liposomes and nanoparticles help to penetrate active agents into the skin, DMS (derma membrane structure) creams function as protective healers of the skin.

DMS acts like the skin itself. Used as base creams, they can assimilate fats and oils, as well as aqueous solutions such as our dermaviduals creams: Classic, High Classic, and High Classic Plus. Furthermore, a combination of DMS creams with liposomes and nanoparticles offers a wide variety of customizable applications which have been proven successful, especially in cases of problem skin.

Another amazing facet to liposomes is that as empty shells (that carry actives), they are made up of PC that contain two substances in a chemically combined form which are essential for the skin and cannot be provided by the human metabolism: linoleic acid and choline. While the choline takes over the important role of skin protection functions, especially in the prevention skin aging, the linoleic acid improves the natural barrier function of the skin on a long-term basis by integrating into the ceramide. In addition to that, linoleic acid improves problem skin and acne.

Our last source of the valuable PC is our oleogels. Oleogels enriched with PC provide an emulsifier-free fat transport. Oleogels consist of more than 90% of lipids and are free of water as a rule. For example, conditions like Rosacea requires a water free treatment like our Oleogel R.  Even though the use of lipid-rich skin care products can be counterproductive as a rule, especially if anaerobic germs are present, Oleogel R possesses maximal lipid content without this disadvantage. Despite their high fat content, oleogels penetrate quickly into the skin and recommended for extremely dry skin, lip care, cold protection in winter, and skin care for patients confined to bed.

In closing, let’s recap PC’s wondrous effects on and in the skin. PC . . .

·      smooths the skin

·      increases the skin’s moisture content

·      protects the skin

·      prevents cornification and barrier disorders

·      conditions skin and hair

·      supports skin regeneration

·      supplies much needed choline and linoleic acid

Amazing phospholipids are multi-talented. Besides the fantastic benefits to our skin, they are indispensable for the functioning of cells, brain, and nerves. PC rich Dermaviduals products allow you as the professional skin care provider to capitalize on mother nature’s best skin care and deliver outstanding results for your clients.









Susan Schulz