The Eyes Have It

Professor Kligman proved through his revolutionary work in Corneotherapy that the base cream is as important as the active ingredients, and when it comes to the delicate skin around the eye area, it’s even more applicable.  There are many different factors that can affect the eye are: insufficient water intake, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, long hours spent in front of computer, and toxic agents can all wear on the sensitive skin around the eye. Ingredients like emulsifiers and preservatives that disrupt the skin barrier and exacerbate dehydration should be particularly avoided. And because of the natural water evaporation that occurs after we apply products to the skin, high concentrations of these aggravating substances can be left behind to cause even more irritation.

The eye area needs both nourishing base care as well as pure active ingredients. Base creams with the patented DMS concentrate provide support to the skin structure, whereas pure active ingredients show immediate effect and show long term support for slowing down the aging process.  Active ingredients like cucumber, D-Panthenol, and the amino acid NMF hydrate and moisturize the skin, and also have anti-inflammatory and cell supportive effects. Oils like avocado and grape seed supply the skin with phytosterols and essential fatty acids, especially if the skin is hypersensitive to water containing products. Butcher’s Broom Nanoparticles, which are an alternative to Vitamin K, stabilize the vascular system around the eyes, whereas red clover extract (found in Phytohormone Liposomes) can stimulate collagen synthesis and rebuild the underlying structure of the skin, while preventing milia.

We recommend applying an active agent serum first, then layering a DMS Base Cream on top. Also, the dermaviduals Eye Cream and Eye Gel Plus contain many of the best eye care active ingredients listed above in a nourishing base.

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Abby Chandler