Simplicity at Its Best: Jenacell's Nano by Nature Masks

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” If Leonardo were around today, he would be impressed over the ultimate sophistication of Epi Nouvelle+Naturelle masks by Jenacell. Clean and uncomplicated, these masks are proficient in moisturizing, cooling, and soothing skin.

 In the aesthetic world we see the effects that laser and dermatological treatments have on the skin. They are the temporary, yet bothersome redness and edema. Enter the beautiful and simple remedy: Epi Nouvelle+Naturelle Masks. Their masks are made of skin-friendly biomaterial obtained from vegetables. This completely natural biopolymer of 100% pure vegan cellulose has unique properties due to its nanostructured fiber. Because they support natural regeneration of skin, the masks are also excellent for accompanying therapy during the treatment of a variety of skin diseases, too.

 Use Epi Nouvelle+Naturelle Masks to calm the redness and swelling after:

·       Injectables

·       Eyelid Surgery

·       Micro-needling

·       Acid Peels

·       Microdermabrasion

·       Dermaplaning

·       Laser Treatments (IPL, etc.)

·       Skin-resurfacing

 Or to reduce the inflammation caused by:

·       Perioral and Periorbital Dermatitis

·       Rosacea

·       Red Skin Syndrome

·       Sunburn and Serious Burns

The advantages to these masks are numerous. With a water content of over 95% the masks deliver intensive hydration and care of the skin. Another advantage is that they are sterile. Intraoperative use is possible. They provide constant cooling of the skin for up to four hours, are easy to use (painless removal), and free of all preservatives or additives. Used in combination with dermaviduals®, active ingredients penetrate on a deeper level. For example, a basic revitalizing addition could be to apply refrigerated Eye Gel Plus under the mask. The Eye Gel Plus contains hyaluronic acid, DMS (derma membrane structure), butcher’s broom, and more, for a fabulous facial treatment that hastens healing and recovery. We are now stocking the (full) Facial Masks and the Facial Pads (for area surrounding the eyes). 

How about adding some simple and soothing sophistication to your client’s treatments with an Epi Nouvelle+Naturelle Mask? Call 678-493-2267 and order yours today!


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Note: Photos are a before and after micro-needling, with and without the mask.

Facial Pads

Facial Pads

Facial Mask

Facial Mask

Susan Schulz