What is Corneotherapy

If you hang around Progressive Esthetics long enough, you are guaranteed to hear about Corneotherapy. As a US Distributor of dermaviduals®, a skincare line based on the principles and teachings of Corneotherapy, you could say it’s part of our company’s DNA. In other words, it can’t or won’t ever be separated from what we talk about or what we do.

 So, what is Corneotherapy? In one sentence: It’s a corrective skin treatment methodology with its core principle being the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defense systems. As the name suggests, Corneotherapy is closely related to Corneobiology, which is the physiological, biologic and biochemical processes of the stratum corneum; the outermost layer of the epidermis.

 The methodology and skin treatment of Corneotherapy preserves the integrity of the epidermis at all times. The methodologies are primarily directed to correcting and building skin barrier defenses that have been rendered defective or impaired by disease, genetics, and a variety of mechanical, physical, chemical and psychological external insults and stresses.

 The term Corneotherapy was first defined by Professor Kligman in the mid 1960s. After exhaustive research, Professor Kligman discovered that skin problems are an indication of a disrupted skin barrier. He addressed a wide range of problems. From the minor, such as dry skin, to dermatological indications like neurodermatitis. Substantial trials were performed by treating disrupted skin with repeated application of substances that had humectant and emollient properties. Credited as being the first dermatologist to show a link between sun exposure and wrinkles, he also coined the term “photo-aging” to describe skin aged by the sun.

 It is hard to believe, but until Professor Kligman came along the established dogma was that the principal biologic mission of the epidermis was to create the impermeable stratum corneum barrier, essentially sealing the body from the outside world. He brought about a revolution in skin sciences and inspired a brand-new appreciation of the horny layer as having multiple and dynamic functions in his treatise: A brief history of how the dead stratum corneum became alive. Today, we are so grateful for his comprehensive research and discoveries of the complexities of our skin.

 Applying Corneotherapeutic principles have been shown to restore homeostasis and an improved function of the entire integument; protecting against harmful substances and microorganisms that can trigger abnormal conditions. The chemical composition of the components of the formulas used should be skin-identical or skin-related. This is where the beauty of dermaviduals® comes in. As a skin-identical line with DMS (derma membrane structure) creams, dermaviduals® uses the cutting-edge science and research behind Corneotherapy to go back to the basics of skincare by giving the skin what it needs to solve current skin issues and help to prevent new ones. A significant perk of Corneotherapy is that it is largely free of side effects, and may in some cases extend the intervals between flare-ups.

 Let’s look at another important component: true dermatological cosmetics following Corneotherapeutic principles should be free from:

·      Active agent cocktails

·      Surface-active substances that cause skin barrier disorders

·      Skin barrier incompatible emulsifiers

·      Preservatives with allergenic potential

·      Perfumes and coloring

·      Strong chelating agents

·      Sensitivity Blockers

·      PEGs, silicones, and mineral oil

·      Occlusive substances

·      Amines

 Dermaviduals® is a skincare line free of all these harmful substances.

 Corneotherapy takes an individualized approach to skin care and treatment, investigating and following the clues our skin gives before selecting appropriate therapeutic applications. Quite a contrast from conventional methods that only treat symptoms without determining the cause.

 Corneotherapy represents a revolutionary way to repair and maintain the skin barrier defense systems and dermaviduals® is the Corneotherapeutic tool you need to serve yourself and your valuable clients. And it all comes with a bonus: As you, the professional, does the work to repair and maintain the stratum corneum, prevention of premature aging is a natural outcome of this wonderful approach. How about incorporating this effective and powerful therapy into your practice today?



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Susan Schulz