Oleogel Plus

Oleogel Plus



Oleogel Plus is free of water and thus can be bottled free of preservatives. Oleogels are used for the care and protection of extremely dry skin. Special fields of applications are: lip care, occupational skin protection  (at the work place), eye contour care and supportive protection from endogenously caused skin lesions. Oleogel Plus is also recommended for the perianal skin care. Oleogel Plus spreads easily. As it is virtually free of water, its active caring agents are highly concentrated which means that only small amounts will be needed.

Soft crystals might occur in the product, but do not affect the quality.

Apply Oleogel Plus to dehydrated skin areas and spread thoroughly. Oleogel Plus can also be used as cold protection for the lips. In combination with fatty oils like avocado oil the product can be applied for massage purposes, particularly for a re-fattening care of the eye areas. Furthermore, with its skin softening effects Oleogel Plus is ideally suited for pedicure applications and supportive prevention of decubitus (bedsores).

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